Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Centre at J. J. Curling Elementary provides our students with an opportunity to develop skills of inquiry, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. By acquiring these reasoning skills, our students will be able to continue learning throughout their lives.

Students and staff are able to browse, select and borrow resources quickly and efficiently using the "ATHENA" automated library system.

We have a qualified Learning Resource teacher who administers the day-to-day operations of the LRC. Overseeing and coordinating the selection of learning resources, the Learning Resources teacher cooperatively plans and teaches units of work with all classroom teachers.

Through resource-based units, students' individual needs are met as they are actively involved in the learning process. The Learning Resource Centre provides quick access to many resources other than the textbook. It has the space for small or large group work, displays, listening, and viewing areas, and it is directly adjacent to our computer lab with a connecting door that allows students to move back and forth to use the internet for researching with teacher supervision or to type assignments, etc.

Through flexible scheduling to allow for regular student book exchange and resource-based units, the Learning Resource Centre at J. J. Curling is a center in constant use with a beehive of activity taking place. It offers users a place where they are actively involved in learning within a pleasant atmosphere and a place to choose from a broad and extensive book collection covering many interest levels.

Books may be borrowed from the Learning Resources Centre for one cycle. Students may borrow a maximum of 2 books at a time and must return these books before being permitted to borrow new books. If a borrowed book is not returned within one month or is damaged beyond repair, a letter may be sent to the parents requesting immediate return or payment for replacement.