Library Learning Commons (LLC)


The 2017 Premier's Task Force on Improving Educational Outcomes states that 'there is a positive correlation between school libraries an increase in student achievement'. The Library Learning Commons (LLC) at J. J. Curling Elementary provides students with an opportunity to develop skills of inquiry, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

The LLC supports student success by encouraging students to:

  • read widely for learning and enjoyment
  • choose from a broad book collection covering many interest levels
  • read a range or literary and informational texts
  • learn how to do and use research


The LLC has a library resource teacher who:

  • manages the learning commons
  • coordinates the learning resources, and
  • plans learning resource units with teachers.


Students and staff are able to browse and borrow resources using the 'ATHENA' automated library system.

Students receive a library number at the start of grade kindergarten and this number stays with them from Grade K - 6.


Students may borrow books from LLC:

  • for one cycle
  • for a maximum of two books at a time
  • must return currently borrowed books before borrowing new books
  • if a book is not returned within one month or is damaged, a letter may be sent to the parents requesting return or payment for replacement.


The LLC graciously accepts donations and contributions. Please hold off with donations until school resumes.


The LLC provides access to resources other than the textbook. It has the space for group work, displays, listening, viewing, and it is located next to the computer lab.

EARNING LINKS (work in progress)